Help finding lost relative born in Germany post/during World War II!


Hello, my name is Monica, I am Puertorrican and I have quite an interesting story for you. My great-grandmother’s brother,Hector Colon, fought in Germany on the side of the Allies during WW II and was wounded while in Germany. There, a German woman named Clair found and aided him. She hid him for a while. How long? I don’t have that information yet but they fell in love and had a boy, also named Hector. 

He was declared dead at first by the military. Details are kinda fuzzy but what we know is that he later appeared in a hospital in Africa, where he later decides to reenlist in the military. This would have occurred in between 1944-1945. Further on he returns to Germany to see Clair.


 He then returned to Puerto Rico and decided to go study in the Dominican Republic. Then he received a scholarship to study in Houston, Texas, where he graduated as a dental surgeon. Upon graduating, he returned to Puerto Rico. He would eventually settle in the Dominican Republic.

All along, he kept contact with the woman and the boy, sending money to help them out. This continued for a couple of years as he tried to take them out of Germany so he could reunite with them. They might have lived in East Germany for a while but I am not 100% sure of that. The woman, Clair, later wrote to Hector that she was marrying an American man and that she would be changing her last name. We are not sure if she changed the boy’s last name too.

In addition, Hector Colon Sr. married another woman who forbid him to continue communicating with his son. My family assumes that the connection was severed when the boy was around 13-14 yrs old.

Here’s what we’ve been able to find out throughout pictures and stories from my grandmother and other relatives:

  • The woman’s name was Clair.
  • Do not know woman’s last name.
  • The boy was born in 1945-1946 (not completely sure) in around May, June, or July and would be in his 60s or 70s today.
  • He was birth was probably kept secret, as his father was an allied soldier and hispanic.
  • Last name was changed
  • Might have moved to the US.
  • Lived in East Germany?
  • Might have lived in Hostrup, Germany and Mannheim, Germany.

On his death bed, Hector Colon Sr. called out for his son, whom he was never able to meet again. He had no other children but Hector Jr. My great-grandmother, Hector Colon Sr’s sister and Hector jr’s aunt, is still alive today and is about to turn a hundred in a couple of months.

Please, give me any tips on how I might find this man or if you might know/knew him. I think this is a very fascinating story. If I were to find him, Hector might get to meet his father’s family plus, my grandmother would get to meet the only cousin she has left and my great-grandmother her nephew.

Is he alive or dead? We’re not thinking about that. We predominantly just want to know what happened to them after the communication stopped. Did he ever try searching for his dad? Did he attempt to visit Puerto Rico? Did everything turn out okay for them? My family is curious.  

Above I have included pictures of Hector Colon Sr in his uniform (1945), Clair with a baby Hector Colon Jr (no date), and Hector Jr in a cowboy costume ( 1951-1954?) with one of the notes.

Feel free to message me. Thank you so much for taking your time to either read or help out!


Where I Stand With Religion.

Where I stand with religion.
I find it so awkward when I encounter myself in a religious conversation amongst family members. Not the kind where you discuss religions as a whole or how they compare (I enjoy those), but the kind where people are speaking to you as a member of the religion, assuming that obviously you must share their faith.

Me, I consider myself an atheist. Religions are fascinating to me and I spent much of my early years as a curious pre-teen looking into Jewish, Christian, and Islamic rituals/beliefs. I found everything about very intriguing to me, but I could never bring myself to make logic of the spiritual parts. It just wasn’t and still isn’t in me to believe.

My family is generally Catholic and as a small child, mostly during my elementary school years, I didn’t really question it too much. I accepted what they told me was true. God created Earth in seven days, avoid sin at all cost, and follow the commandments. Even went to Catholic school up until eleventh grade. However, it never made sense to me how all those things could be truths. My mind couldn’t wrap itself around those ideas and, for a while, I felt very guilty.

What I’d been taught in religion class was that if you loosed faith in God, you’d be condemned and, basically, just screwed. I prayed in vain, trying to find some spiritual connection to a God I knew in the back of my mind that I did not believe in anymore.

Finally, in my mid teens I realized that it was okay to not identify with a particular faith. So, one day, I whispered to myself I am an atheist, and guess what? Nothing bad happened! Effectively, I became much happier with myself, not having to worry what God would think, which was my constant worry when I was in the am-I-or-am-I-not zone. I realized it only mattered what I thought and how what I did would affect those around me. Everything made sense for the first time.

I kept my loss of faith to myself since I did not think it would be well received within the family. And I still don’t. It gnaws at me inside whenever they get deep into conversation about the Lord or when we’re at mass and I have no input because it does annoy me how I had to turn out so different from them all. Constantly I question myself on why the hell I had to turn out so different from them.

They get mad at me for not properly expressing the faith I don’t have. So, I’ve resorted to whenever I find myself in a Christian ambient, I sit and zip my mouth. My mind goes must not reveal true nature, must not reveal true nature. Smile and nod. Smile and nod.

This is not a healthy way to go about my life and I know that someday I’ll have to tell them, just not so soon. I’ll start with those I trust the most in such matters, like my siblings and eventually work myself up to my parents. It shouldn’t be a big deal, but I know it’ll probably be to them.

Till then, smile and nod.

*(Just wanted to express down here that I have the utmost respect for those who practice their religions while simultaneously respecting others’ beliefs and life choices even if they are not in accordance with their own beliefs. That is the way it should be. Spread love and don’t hate! It’s okay if you believe in a God or not. At the end of the day, just remember to love yourself too and respect others.
Also, I don’t hate christians nor do I hate Christianity. I just don’t identify with it anymore. )

Starting Dangerous Creatures: Simon Lewis and Link? Also, forgotten thoughts on Beautiful Creatures series

I’ve begun reading Dangerous Creatures by Kami Garcia and Margaret Stohl. Dangerous Creatures is the spin off series of The Caster Chronicles (Beautiful Creatures). That series took focus on Lena Duchannes and Ethan Wate, a Caster and a human. This series focuses on Ridley Duchannes and Link, Lena’s cousin and Ethan’s best friend. Ridley is a Dark Caster and Link is a quarter incubus.

If you have read The Caster Chronicles and The Mortal Instruments, then you will understand me.

At first I was a little reluctant to actually read this book do to having not liked the last book in the first series: Beautiful Redemption. I found Beautiful Redemption really slow. It felt like the authors just wrote the book to get the finale out if the way. The things that happened and the why’s didn’t make sense. Although it was a happy ending, in the end it just put me off from the series.I was disappointed.  It’s been almost a year since I read it so the memories aren’t that fresh, but that’s what I recall. 

So, I went to the library yesterday and saw Dangerous Creatures and thought What the hell and checked it out.

I’m currently only seven pages into the book but I just came to a realization. Link is kind of like Simon Lewis from The Mortal Instruments! They’re both in bands that suck; both fall for the femme fatale in the story; they get turned into a vampire or it’s equal in that universe (in Link’s case it’s an incubus). Also, both are considered by other characters to be relatively useless at the beginning but then they turn out to be valuable in battle, gaining the respect of those who waved them off in the beginning.

Personally, if I had to choose, I’d choose Simon in a heart beat, especially after City of Heavenly Fire. *holds back tears* 

Maybe others realized it before me but I started reading TMI like three months after Beautiful Redemption. I guess I just completely wiped that series out of my head whilst reading TMI. Especially after the Beautiful Creatures movie came out (yikes). 

On a side-note, I loved Beautiful Creatures(1st book) and Beautiful Chaos (3rd book). The second one was the classic breakup/relationship problems sequel which, honestly, meh.

These are my opinions and thoughts on this series and it’s characters. Now, lets see if Dangerous Creatures redeems my former love for the Caster world.


Buffering …

I’ve logged in I don’t know how many times during the past few months because I’ve had a good idea about what to write about a few hours earlier. So I wait to get home to my laptop. Once I open my latop, the whole idea has turned into blaah in my head. It’s like it has rotted away and then I try to poop it out of my heah to see if it’s any good and if I can turn it into some sort of word fertiliser.

I tried a couple of days back during a long car trip. I had a good idea so I decided to write it down on the notepad in my phone. It had reached a reasonable lenght and it was sounding pretty good. My speed on that small keybaord was incredible that night. Then I had possibly one of the biggest oops moments of my life. I wanted to delete a word I’d written when all of a sudden: OOPS!!

Instead of clicking on the word and pressing “Select” and then delete the word, I clicked and pressed “Select all” and then DELETE!!! DELETE!!! I DELETED THE WHOLE DAMN THING!!! (there are no undo buttons, as far as I know, on iphone notpads, and if there are then… sshhh!!)

It all happened in no more than three seconds. Three measly secondsAlmost an hour of nonstop writing gone. gone. GONE.

So much writing gone in the blink of an eye… *stares into the universe*

As you can see, I’m still not quite over it. After that I just stared at the screen with my mouth gaping and looked around to see if anyone else in the car had just witnessed my moment of stupidity. Nope.

And you know what happened when I tried to rewrite it all?!? Blaaahh. My mind had gone blank again and there was no point in continuing. I locked my phone and I became the car dj for the rest of the ride.

Momo is currently buffering.

Brain is under maintenace.

Feminists these days (my perspective as a young woman)

Now, don’t be alarmed by the title. I am a young feminist. I feel the need to be equal to a man. It infuriates me whenever I’m told:

  • “That is a man’s job”
  • “A pretty little girl like you shouldn’t be playing a sport that was meant for a boy. Why don’t you try golf? That’s safe”
  • “That Pirates of The Caribbean pencil case isn’t for you. Do you want this Barbie one?”

Pretty valid points so far, right?

The other thing is that often people automatically assume that because I am a woman, I’m obviously going to bare children in the future. What if kids aren’t for me? What if I’m infertile? What if my career won’t leave time for kids? And if it doesn’t, then I’m ok with it. Just because I have the ability to reproduce, doesn’t mean I have to do it. I have the ability to do many things but I haven’t done them. I had the ability to pick up that cockroach I saw on the floor the other day, but I didn’t. Why? Because I didn’t want to. I had the ability to throw my hardcover book at this annoying guy in my class the other day, but I didn’t. Why? Because it would have gotten me kicked out. (But damn it did I want to put the mute on him; straying off topic) The point is that we all have the ability to do many things but we make choices based on what we want or what we think is right.

Even thought we’ve got the right to vote, we can join the army, we can go to college, and a whole bunch of other stuff, gender based judgment and decisions still happen. Just the other day I told two men in my family about a really famous and important person who said that women shouldn’t have a place in government decisions and they both said he was right and continued to laugh while making jokes about the matter. It pissed me off and left me fuming in my seat. I wish I could speak out at all these moments but I’m always left flustered and without words until they leave and I can straighten out my thoughts.

But these days there are women that have derailed themselves from what the object of feminism really is. Feminism to me is about being equal to a man. It is about being viewed as a person or a human and not a gender or a uterus. I feel that there are women these days that wish to be viewed as above men. Others look for any sentence, phrase, or statement that qualifies as anti-feminist. I’m baffled at how some pluck the sentences of songs, the lines in a show, or a book too find some ulterior meaning which really could mean nothing more than that which is plainly stated. Then they go and preach it to the world how the whole female gender has been degraded by this or that.

I reread or watch whatever it is they are criticizing to try and see what they see, but I just don’t. I guess it’s like poetry in my spanish class, the meaning is very very very very hidden. It all depends on the person’s perspective.

In my eyes, being a feminist is about working towards being viewed as an equal with equal opportunities and abilities, not looking for whatever is wrong in pop culture and exposing it all. Yeah, somethings are just really messed up, but I’m not going to gain anything by saying: “Hey, that song is really sexist and…(insert rant here)” It’s just not my style and I don’t see the point in it. I just want to finally be viewed as strong.

It doesn’t matter your gender, sexuality, race, color, heritage, age, etc. We all have value and deserve equal respect.

EQUALITY. It seems to be a big theme that keeps repeating itself throughout generations.

These are my views on the matter and maybe y’all have another way of expressing your feminist ways, but this is my way and my perspective.

Half way throughout Allegiant (SPOILERS!!!)

As the title implies, I am half way throughout Allegiant by Veronica Roth. 

After a few pages, one of my friends had already found out what happens. They kept hinting and one day I guessed.

(You were warned about the spoilers in the title)

Tris dies.

And because of that, said friend is no longer going to read the book. Honestly, that doesn’t bother me. Tris’ death, I mean. I’m actually kind of proud of Veronica Roth for having fooled us like that. A bunch of other authors have done the whole dual POV thing but they never kill off the MAIN CHARACTER. It’d seem too obvious and it would end your series. (In hindsight, it is the end of the series) Veronica took advantage of this and BOOM! I still don’t know how it happens but all I’m saying is that it was a smart and sneaky move. 

The book started off rather slow then it kicked off until now. I’m at page 276 and I’m a little frustrated because remember in Insurgent where it was Tris running off and doing things behind Tobias’ back ? And having a sort of, to quote a friend, “existential crisis”? Well, in Allegiant, this is what’s happening right now with Tobias. He’s trying to be honest, but the way he’s acting is still annoying.

But I’m really digging the explanations of everything. Tris’ mom’s backstory, the reason for the factions, and other stuff I’d passed of as irrelevant. Going back to the first book, I wasn’t expecting all the genetic damage and genetic purity stuff. That was a definite surprise. Bravo Veronica. Bravo.

I really wish I could have started the book without the spoilers. I’d been avoiding the tags for so long, but thanks to my very very ( I’m annoyed) special friend, I know about the deaths in the book.

I’ve taken a brake for a couple of hours, but I must soon return because I promised myself that I would finish it before the weekend ends so I can remove myself from the reading slump I’ve been in. It took me about three weeks to read The Book Thief!!!! That is just not acceptable to me. I think my record is Divergent, which I read in three days.

Another episode of Breaking Bad and back to reading.

(I tried to include as little spoilers as I could and to be sort of vague with my references because I don’t want to spoil anyone that much. Maybe when I’m done I’ll wright my complete thoughts on everything in the book.)


So I’ve begun Nanowrimo. Well, not really. I’ve got 200 words so far and my plot line keeps changing in my head every 10 minutes. Plus I have absolutely no idea how to define my characters. Nor their names. Nor their nationalities. Nor their hair color or skin tone.

This is not going well.

First of all, I came upon Nanowrimo six days ago and I’ve kind of rushed into it. My notebook is full of dozens of different thoughts and plots and words and I can’t decide what to do. Whatever I begin I end up hating by the second page. It’s like there’s this party in my head in a basement and everyone is smoking. The smoke is fogging my vision and the loud music in the background is distracting me. The crowd won’t let me move. It feels like I’m stuck but moving. Ya get me?

This writing thing is hard. All I’ve been able to finish so far in my life are school essays. From my perspective they seemed pretty good but I’d never had to actually write a whole story. I also have no idea how to properly develop a story since I’ve never received any proper writing instruction. I’m always having these complex daydreams yet whenever I put a blank piece of paper in front of me along with a pen, I go blank. Creativity threw itself off a cliff.

I’ve tried:

  • Listening to a whole album and writing at the same time
  • Putting my iPod on shuffle
  • Reading other books
  • tumblr
  • Youtube
  • Popping open a book on a random page and see if something sparks
  • laying on my bed and doing nothing

This along with procrastination (possibly my main problem) is what has been happening for the past week, along with school. Might be driving me a little bit crazier than usual.

My greatest fault is that I do things half way. I know a 25% of french, german, and russian. This is the reason why. I must put a stop to this. I always trip on my own foot at the finish line. I get too lazy. One of my feet says “Meh, I don’t feel like it anymore” and WHOOPS! There I goes. (It’s literally been happening to me all this week. I’m walking and WHOOPS! Lazy leg. Now it’s happening to my arms.)

Sorry, getting off topic.

So, yeah. Nanowrimo is what’s happening in November. It will be done. I know it’s just a challenge, winning is reaching your goal, and that I probably shouldn’t be pressuring myself this much but I just really want to do this. Maybe I’m a terrible writer. Maybe I’m not. Guess I’ll find out when I’m done, wether I finish in November 2013 or November 2014. Optimism is key until then.